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  • Luvinia Elena Lapid

New landline numbers

We are pleased to announced our new PLDT landline number! We may now be reached during business hours at +63(2) 820 3376. This is in addition to our existing Globe landline +63(2) 358-6664.

Also, as announced by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), all telephone numbers in the Greater Metro Manila Area with a 02 area code will move to an 8-digit format, with an additional digit at the start of the 7-digit number. Hence on March 18, our landline numbers will be updated as follows:

PLDT: From+63(2) 820-3376 to +63(2) 8820-3376

Globe: From +63(2) 358-6664 to +63(2) 7358-6664

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