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  • Luvinia Elena Lapid


Late last year, ROTECNA and VEMAVAL together installed a trial order of 60 units of the DOSITRONIC Electronic Feeding System in a farrowing house in a 2,000 sow modern farm in Batangas. Since then, the farm has been able to reduce feed wastage by dispensing only the right amount of feed for each sow, among other benefits.

The system monitors and controls feed distribution to each and every farrowing sow for its individual needs. Each farrowing crate is fitted with an electronic device which dispenses feeds according to pre-programmed quantities. The device is also fitted with a sensor which the sow triggers in order to be dispensed her feed ratio.

The farm has benefitted from the following: Reduced feed wastage; optimize feed consumption for each sow resulting in healthier piglets and decreased weaning time, reduced manpower in the farrowing house; monitoring can be done 24/7 through linked computers; computer data analysis helps the farm owners make informed decisions.

For more information on the DOSITRONIC system, do send us an email or give us a call today!

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