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Animal Waste Management

Clean Emission Incinerators

Load capacity up to 540kg

  • With a load capacity of up to 540kg / 1191 lbs the AIS 040 Cyclone incinerator can dispose of large quantities of animal waste making it suitable for managing day to day mortality of large farming operations.

  • The AIS 040 Cyclone is recognized for being very effective at dealing with animal-by-products generated across the agricultural sector including; Broiler sites, due to the AIS 050’s unique ability to handle the volume changes that occur within the crop cycle AND Nursery sites where farms are dealing with piglet mortality daily. 

  • With a high hourly burn rate of up to *116kg / 256 lbs. the AIS 040 is ideal for those looking for a fast, effective and bio-secure animal-by-product incineration solution.

  • Fuel use is kept to a minimum through the multi zoned temperature monitoring system and air control.

  • The full access to the main chamber via a Top Loading counterbalance lid ensures users can load the machine via skid loaders and tractor buckets. 

Load capacity up to 490kg

  • Suited for Large Pig Operations such as Growers, Finishers and Sows, full access to the main chamber ensures users can load the machine via skid loaders and tractor buckets.​

  • The AIS 055 Cyclone is recognized for also being able to deal with other animal-by-products generated across the agricultural sector including; Poultry, Ewes, Lambs, Game Farms, Estates, Butchers and Farm shops, and is ideal for those looking for a quick, effective and bio-secure animal-by-product incineration solution.​

  • Access to the main chamber is via a Top Loading counterbalance lid.​

  • PLC timer controls with automatic burner shut off function and fast ignition burners. Two temperature-controlled burners in the main chamber and one in the secondary chamber.​

  • Burns up to *56kg / 124 lbs per hour.​

  • Load capacity of up to 490 kg/1080 Ibs. ​

Load capacity up to 1290kg

  • This model is available as a Static, Mobile or Transportable incinerator.​

  • Suited for a wide range of animal carcasses and animal-by-products generated across the agricultural sector including; Pigs & Sows, Poultry, Dairy / Beef Cattle, Abattoirs, Slaughterhouses, Rendering Operations, Meat Processors, Sheep.​

  • With a *High burn rate of up to 333kg/735Ibs per hour and a load capacity of up to 1290kg / 2844 lbs this allows for the bio-secure, regular disposal of your waste in the shortest time possible. ​

  • Can be loaded whilst in operation maximizing the inherent thermal efficiency of our monolithic concrete lining, keeping running costs low. ​

  • Ash doors, as standard, allows the user to safely remove ash whilst the machine is in operation, so you can keep on loading and burning your waste, saving time. 

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