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Piggery Equipment

Auger Feed

Transport Systems

Seamless flow and distribution of feed with simple, economical operation

Chain and Disk Feed Transport Systems

Easily adjustable conveyor drive systems made from stainless steel

Dositronic M and Dositronic G

Dositronic is an electronic feeding system for farrowing sows that enables automatic application of feeding strategies. Dositronic applies feeding curves that are assigned to each animal individually, dividing the daily ration into several intakes.
The Dositronic G for gestation sows housed in groups allows feeding individually of each animal in a controlled manner according to their needs, improving the body condition upon arrival to farrowing and significantly reducing wasted feed

Feeders, Drinkers, and Pans

Wide array of customizable equipment to provide nutrition for pig livestock


Robust, functional, and precise feed dispensers that are easy to adjust and assemble

Nest Cover

Creates comfortable microclimates for piglets at ideal, healthy temperatures at low energy consumption


Durable, flexible slats allowing easy removal of excrement while providing comfort and hygiene for pig livestock

Panels and Pen Dividers

Highly durable, strong, and lightweight panels, doors, and hinges that are easy to install and clean

Solid-Liquid Separator

Slurry management system to safely filter and efficiently dispose of pig farm residue and comply with higher global environmental standards

See the functionality of Rotecna equipment used in actual pig farms in this video.

In Action

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