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The BESTON GROUP is one of the more well known manufacturers of equipment used to produce egg tray machines as well as other machines, which are commonly used in the packaging and transportation of eggs. The machine can process waste paper, cardboard, and other recyclable materials into pulp, and then mold and dry them into egg trays of different shapes and sizes.

Egg Conveyor Systems

The different sizes available make EGGWAY a versatile product, such that it can be used both in the presence of small farms and large industrial production plants, reaching capacities that can reach 100,000 eggs / h. There is no obstacle that cannot be overcome by our conveyor, be it these high slopes or 180 ° bends. EGGWAY will always be able to transport the eggs to their destination, quickly, smoothly and above all safely. Our product can be combined with either “Niagara” type egg lifting systems or even lifter systems, regardless of the brand of equipment already used. Furthermore, EGGWAY can be supplied with all electrical controls, supports, external covers and safety protections, making it a complete 360 ° product.

Fiberglass Silos

The fiberglass silos with horizontal joint mod. SIO are composed of two parts, the cylindrical one and the conical one. Their modular design facilitates the logistics and it optimize the transport costs. The storage capacity of our SIO includes various models starting from 2 MC. up to 31 M.

Dosing Injectors

Dosing pumps and medicators to accurately and safely provide antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, vaccines, and much more, to any farm livestock

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