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  • Luvinia Elena Lapid


The spread of the AFS in the Philippines and the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus did not deter the International Farmers Summit Philippines 2020 from pushing through. So yes, between February 12 - 14, Vemaval Incorporated participated for the first time in the Farmer's Summit as a Silver sponsor.

Vemaval put on display its feeding and other technical equipment for Poultry and Livestock,

showcasing state of the art technology such as ROTECNA's Dositronic, show on the right . Among the equipment put on display were automatic cage laying systems by TECNO from Italy, Poultry Feeding Systems by SKA, also in Italy, Piggery Products from Spanish Company ROTECNA, and WASTE SPPECTRUM's animal carcass incineration systems from the UK.

Though attendance may have been wanting, Vemaval was happy with the attention it got during the Summit, including inclusion in GMA7's AGRIPRENEUR, a tv show for the farming community. See episode here:

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