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Polyurethane Parts and Products

Vemaprene™ Polyurethane belongs to the castable elastomer group.  Its elasticity is between that of plastics and common rubbers.  It is a unique design and construction material combining many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals, and ceramics with the extensibility of rubber.  It offers a number of physical and dynamic properties which enable its produce to meet a wide range of demanding applications.

  • Very good insulating properties

  • Excellent load-bearing capacity

  • Oil, grease, and chemical resistance

  • Flexibility at very low temperatures

  • Excellent long-term stability in water

  • Wide hardness range from 10 up to 90 shore A

  • Better impact resistance than almost all plastics

  • High resistance to degradation by atmospheric oxygen and ozone

  • Wide range of resilience and resistance to cracking under repeated flexing

  • Outstanding durability in applications where severe wear is a problem


Because of its dynamic properties, Vemaprene™ finds its way into a wide and diverse range of applications as follows:

  • Mining parts, such as screens, pump impellers, and hydroclones

  • Pipeline pigs, scaper cups, and pipeline spheres

  • Conveyor and transmission belting

  • Metal and ceramic die-forming pads

  • Equipment lining for vibratory mills, feed chutes, and ductwork

  • Die stripper springs

  • Hydraulic seals

  • Bearings, bushings, and gaskets

  • Belts for business machines and food handling equipment

  • Solid industrial parts and wheels for materials handling

  • Mallets and hammers

  • Rolls for the steel, printing, papermaking, and textile industries

  • Roller or in-line skate wheels,  and amusement park wheels

  • Stock shapes and ventilating fans or motor fans

Caster Wheels

Pistons and Ball Valves

Drive and Load Wheels

Gears and Impellers

Bushings and Couplings

Pipe Pigs


Pump Liners

Tubes, Rods, and Sticks


Seals and Gaskets

Die Pads



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