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Layer Cage Systems

Atlanta Cage Model

Naturally Ventilated Systems

  • "A" Frame pyramid cages optimize space and costs

  • Long-lasting structures with open-air ventilation, suitable even for tropical countries

  • Patented manure cleaning system

Tecno Atlanta cages

Universal Comfort Model

Climate-Controlled Systems

  • Maximizes space utilization

  • Uses tunnel ventilation or similar systems

  • Controlled temperature and climate improves health and yield

Tecno universal comfort layer cages
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant layer cages

  • Nipple drinkers

  • Uniform feed distribution systems

  • Niagara lifts for automated multilayer egg collection

  • Anaconda conveyors for convenient and safe transport of eggs

  • Computerized management systems

  • Manure and waste management

  • Climate control and ventilation

Watch Now

See one of our layer farm projects in the Philippines,​ featuring our very own CEO.

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