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Vemaval agri-engineering and polyurethane products

About Our Firm

VEMAVAL INCORPORATED is the marketing company spin-off of VEMA CORPORATION, now its mother and holding company. Vemaval’s first activity was the introduction to the Philippine market of high-performance polymer products of  E.I DuPont de Nemours, & Co., Inc. of Wilmington, Delaware, USA in 1979. Vemaval became agents for the DuPont synthetic rubber line, and was given the exclusive right to process its Adiprene polymer urethane.

In 1984, the Stork Group of Companies of the Netherlands appointed Vemaval as its agent for their  food processing machinery. Vemaval subsequently acquired complementary livestock equipment lines, mainly for the feed automation of the poultry and swine industries. Vemaval now represents and distributes equipment for several companies that supply the livestock market and continues adding high performance products to its growing line of Agri-Engineering Equipment. 

Vemaval's operations are divided into two distinct areas of competence.  The POLYMER PRODUCTS division remains to be the premium supplier of high performance polyurethane stock shapes and fabricates.  The division has also developed its own brand of Zeelaq Safety Surfaces, for playground and other safety applications.  The AGRI-ENGINEERING division deals with machinery and equipment, and continues to play a significant role in the modernization of poultry and swine industries, and their related food processing lines in the Philippines.

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